October with the Bottos: 5Ks, baby food, and more than you need to know about spit, poop, and boogers

October was quite eventful in the Botto household.

Violet tried food for the first time! She HATES it. Seriously, not a fan. Nope. Noooo. Squash? No. Apples? No. Bananas? No (Ed. Note: but yes for mom and dad! Seriously, so delicious). How about some cereal? No thanks. Even if we make it with breast milk? Still no. “Sorry suckers”- Violet Botto


Her food gets in own shelf. Lucky girl.

Nick’s been all healthy and such this month. He completed his first 5k in a LONG time! (Ed. Note: Notice it doesn’t say, “Nick ran his first 5k in a LONG time.” What I did could barely be considered running) Nick, Court, Jode, and–making her running debut–Violet all ran the Witch Way to the 5K on the 30th. They did great! Really, the fact that they finished means they did better than me! Scott and I cheered them across the finish line while snapping pics!

To celebrate their success, Court and Vi took a serious look at the Purple Finch menu and then Violet passed out.

Let’s not forget Violet’s first Halloween! She had a bunch of fun dressing up in ALL of her many costumes!

Oh and lets not forget that Violet now really enjoys animals. She watches Lola’s every move and LOVES Tootsie. She had fun whacking petting Woodrow last weekend and squeezing itching his ears!


The month of October also brought a very first Date Night for me and Nick! Hooray! We checked out the new Lounge bar at the BVI Grande. It was great! We definitely recommend checking them out for drinks (Ed. Note: for you beer enthusiasts out there, they happen to have Founder’s KBS on draft. Be ready to pay a pretty penny for it, though. Trust me. It’s entirely worth it!) and appetizers (though not dinner. The dinners were small).


Parenting Truths we’ve learned in October:

-Babies make sooooooo much slobber. Bibs. Buy more bibs.

-Food rarely makes it to the mouth. However, it often makes it to: the hand, the shirt, the bib, the sleeve, the neck roll, the ear, the hair, the nose, the spoon that just fell on the floor. Celebrate anyways. (<well that was an adorable addition Nicholas! You’re so clever)

-Boogers are meant to be smeared across mom and dad’s shoulders (Ed. Note: I can no longer put on my work shirt until 5 minutes before I leave for the day. Otherwise, they are snot-stained for the whole day).

-The baby is going to stay in our room for a while. Let’s face it. I’m not walking across the hall to her room twice a night (Ed. Note: Remember the whole not-doing-the-5k-thing from earlier?). And I know Nick isn’t (Ed. Note: I already run. My cardio is done for the day by bedtime). And, lucky for us, “they” just came out with a report saying babies should sleep in your room forever until they’re one. So yeah.

-Poop changes. That’s it. (You’re welcome for not going into more detail).

-Sometimes falling over in slow-motion on a soft surface makes you cry. And that’s ok.

-There’s a toy basket now.

-Drinking beer helps with milk supply. So buy all the beer.

-Stranger Danger is a real thing.


And we’ll leave you with a little Violet with a flower on her head, thanks to MimiGigi!



2 thoughts on “October with the Bottos: 5Ks, baby food, and more than you need to know about spit, poop, and boogers

  1. Love it! She is so adorable. Food is the interesting part. My granddaughter decided early one she didn’t like veges. Now that she is eating whole foods anything with color (veges) is a no go. She spits them out if you try to sneak them in. So Violet already sharing her opinion. Wait it gets better!

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