Oh November? When Was that?

Happy Holidays! And by “Holidays” I mean Thanksgiving. We’re a little behind here is Botto world. Though, we’re always behind so I’m sure no one is too surprised.

November was full of fun times! Violet tagged her very first Christmas tree! She really wanted that tiny one, but we convinced her to let that cute little sapling grow bigger and we’ll cut it down in a few years. We went for the tree behind her instead. (Dad really wanted a blue tree).

Processed with MOLDIV

Then there was a lot of leaf raking (Nick) and leaf blowing (Brige- that one time). Violet enjoyed the leaves a bit. She really didn’t know what to make of them. And look at ALL THE ACORNS! Nick and I finally called someone to take down some trees in our back yard. Not only will we have fewer acorns next year, but maybe, possibly, some sort of space for a back yard that isn’t just all moss! Yay for sunshine! Yay for less branches touching the roof! Yay for freedom!

Someone voted for the first time!! Her very first presidential election. The last time I went to vote, she was the large lump of my belly. In November she was able to vote from the outside! Violet LOVED staring down the people in line. She made eyes at all the older people (who just adored her). She also snagged two stickers for us! We celebrated by going shopping for some new clothes. Good job participating in your (mom’s) civic duty, Vi!

Processed with MOLDIV

Nick ran a 5k with auntie Court. We didn’t get any pictures of them but we DID take this lovely selfie! (note to all: we’ve also purchased some drool pads for our baby carrier).


Violet is super, super chatty. We took some pictures for our Christmas card in November. Someone was chatting away the entire time. She just wouldn’t stop talking. Which was adorable if not problematic for our pictures. Luckily, we got a couple winners.

Someone has impulse buying issues and bought his daughter this dinosaur. Pretty sure he loves it more than she does though he insists that she’ll learn to adore it.


Now on to our Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving in North Adams with MimiGigi/GigiMimi (she can’t decide on a name so Violet calls her both), Grandpa Scott, GG, and various aunts and uncles. It was great! Violet loved celebrating now that she kind of doesn’t mind food.

She enjoyed going to Bright Ideas Brewery and then jumping over to MASS MoCA to take a snooze on her favorite napping spot baby whisperer auntie Celia.

Violet also saw her very first snow fall on Thanksgiving!! What a lucky girl! She really wasn’t sure what to make of it, but that’s ok. Still a first!


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