We did so much in December, it took until mid-January to type it up.

Oh hey December! (Ed. Note: Hi December!) Where did you go? I swear, December must be the fastest month in the entire year. (Ed. Note: Don’t tell Brige, but a calendar would probably be able to determine this assumption with some confidence) It’s all go-go-go-go-birthdays-Christmas-NewYears-stop! Phew! Since every weekend in December was packed full of activities, it’s nice to finally have some weekends where we can just wing it (and by “wing it” I mean come up with a list of different house projects (Ed. Note: a blog posts) to do…)!

We started December off the right way- cutting down (Ed. Note: murdering) our Christmas Tree! If you remember and/or follow us on Instagram, we tagged this sucker in November. I grew up cutting down a tree and decorating it on Christmas Eve. Now that I’m older and in charge, I have decided put ours up at the beginning of the month. It makes us look forward to Christmas so much more!

Luckily, my wonderful sister, Courtney, came with her truck and helped carry and transport our tree! Thanks muffin! (Ed. Note: this chronically injured editor is eternally grateful.)

We spent one weekend in Portland, Maine. It was our first time to Portland, which we loved! We went with Portland pros, Chris and Lydia, and spent our time brewery-hopping, eating, and shopping! Duckfat was delicious. We made sure to get fries and milkshakes (along with soup and sandwiches, because we eat food). Ugh now I want a milkshake.We checked out Allagash and a few other breweries in the areas. I have no idea what their names were. Nick would know (Ed. Note: Foundation Brewery and Sebago tasting room). There were SO MANY PLACES TO SHOP. I picked up tons of Christmas presents for Nick. I would have loved to pick up some Christmas presents for me, too, but I figured it was not the time. Lucky for Jodie, I didn’t get her any of the awesome rooster pitchers that I found. I wanted to, but I held back. We DID find Violet’s Christmas ornament, though! It’s a little baby polar bear wearing a santa hat. It’s as adorable as she is. Violet loved the trip. Nick and I loved it. We’re pretty sure Chris and Lydia loved it, too! It was also Violet’s first hotel stay! She did a great job!

Violet went sledding around the yard!!!(Ed. Note: it was more, pulling, than sledding) She definitely enjoyed herself. As you can see from these pictures, she just laid back in the sled and smiled. Sweet girl.

December also calls for house decorating, tree decorating, and winter sheets! Someone (not naming names, but I’m talking about my husband (Ed. Note: ugh. Nick is the worst!)) never put up the adorable Christmas lights on our house. It just wasn’t Christmas without the lights. Maybe next year :/

You’ll also notice that Violet has one of Hallmark’s annual singing snowmen. It was $17. We almost didn’t get it. Good thing we did. It’s her absolute favorite thing in the entire world (next to Violet the Dog). It’s already out of batteries because she plays it so much. And by “she” I mean Nick and I. We can sing you the song if you like…

Speaking of songs, what about Christmas?!?! We spent Christmas Eve with the Bottos and Christmas Day with the Comeaus! It was a good split. Here are some lovely pics so you can get a feel for our two day Christmas Extravaganza!

She love, love, LOVED the bacon appeteether! She tasted each gift to make sure it was delicious. Most of her toys were hand-me-downs from her cousins (best idea ever), but there were some new ones that she liked, too. The appeteether, for instance, was a winner (we already have the short ribs and the chicken wing, so it was a good guess that she’d like the bacon.) Aunt Sue got her an adorable doll that the hugged and kissed right away. She also got some awesome toys from Bodhi Leaf Mothering. She especially enjoyed the rainbow rattle and musical eggs!

To end the month, my sisters, sisters-in-law, aunt, niece, nephew and I celebrated my mom’s birthday with a paint night at Muse Paintbar in Manchester. A little painting, a little wine, a few appetizers. We had a great time laughing at how unartistic we all are. (Ed. Note: the finished piece now lives in our recently-refinished bathroom. It really pulls the room together)

Phew! Done! All caught up and it’s not even the end of January!! I’m on a roll! (Ed. Note: I’ll admit, much of the delay rests on the shoulders of yours truly, who seems to find any reason to avoid performing in his role.)

Have a happy January.


One thought on “We did so much in December, it took until mid-January to type it up.

  1. Keeping this Blog will be so wonderful to go back and read. When the time goes by so fast we forget how it went or was. Violet is certainly very lucky to have 2 great parents. She is also a beautiful girl! (like her mama?) Although I see her dad in her too!

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