Turning 30: A Letter From Your Mother

My life was perfectly planned: I was doing what I loved, we had just bought the cutest house and we were going to start our family. We would have a baby, born in the spring so I could take off the summer. She would be a beautiful little girl who loved dance and dreamed of being a cheerleader (Children having children).


Even the most ridiculous laid plans go awry.

“You are measuring large for your due date,” were the words that changed our world.

Two babies? Double our family and overcrowd our incredibly tiny house? Two daughters? Two prom dresses? Two college educations. (Still planning my life according to my terms).

God had other plans. On February 24, 1987 the two daughters I dreamed of and had named were born. In one second I knew that God had allowed me to plan my silly life because His plan for me was exactly why I was placed on this earth. I was blessed with 2 perfectly tiny, premature baby boys and the whirlwind of life truly began.


You nursed every 45 minutes. You never slept at the same time. You went through more diapers than we could afford. And I realized adult humans can go for days with 2 hours of sleep and they will fold dirty laundry out of delirium. You brought magic to our lives and gave grandpa an excuse to buy a billion dollar video camera the size of the space shuttle to record every. second. of. your. existence.

I hated to dress you the same and I wanted people to see you as unique snowflakes. “Brad has a beauty mark, Nick has none” was how your pre-school teacher taught your class. Brad wore Blue, Nick wore red. Any visual cues that would help people not call you “the Botto twins” was my lofty goal. Alas, your own grandparents and, let’s be honest, your Dad mixed you up even years later when you didn’t even live in the same state.

How have 30 years gone by? How have my sweet, curly haired, hazel eyed toddlers become
grown ups that astound me with their kindness, their humor, their brilliance? How was I so blessed to be given the responsibility to care for you while you grew into exactly what our world needs?

I was overcome with pride at each of your accomplishments and at each milestone you
achieved. I was in awe as you attacked the next challenge.


Watching you both, overcome with emotion, as the women you chose for your wives walked toward you on your wedding day. I knew God had helped you find the person who would be strong enough to be your equal. The day Violet entered the world I watched a father be born and an uncle created.


Being the Botto twins was a challenge. I set the bar high because I knew you would rise to the occasion. It wasn’t always easy, and I know I was relentless, but I also knew your potential long before you knew your strength.

Thank you for all you bring to us everyday and the happiest of birthday as you start a new

Don’t tell your brother but I love you best. (Wink)


3 thoughts on “Turning 30: A Letter From Your Mother

  1. Beautiful, Jodie You have always been an inspiring role model to me, as I’ve tried to glean every clue I could from how wonderfully you’ve raised these boys (all of them…the two birthday boys, AND their baby brother). HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brad and Nick… and WELL DONE, Jodie and Scott.

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