Happy Birthday Sweet Baby, Violet


Violet's 1st Birthday

One year ago today Violet Marie Botto entered the world, and life (Ed. Note: and sleep) has never been the same. Probably because there’s now a little person scooting around the house and eating all the food and sucking up all of our love and attention (Ed. Note: and REM cycles).

We started the day in our Christmas PJs playing with balloons that Nick and Cody blew up for the party!

Processed with MOLDIV

As you can see, those chompers are out in full force. Teeth are the worst. But balloons are super cool! Lucky for us, we had Cody, Grandpa Scott, and GigiMimi/MimiGigi help us finish cleaning the house and get ready for the party!

Considering this was her very first birthday, and she’s just as precious as her name, we figured Vi deserved a garden party birthday.

Being the fashionista that she is (remember that Christmas outfit?) Violet donned a dress that was mine (or maybe Genny’s–my mom had 2 of them) when I was a tyke.

Ok, maybe not the exact same dress–we almost had her wear the one in my pic–but very similar. She really ROCKS those caterpillar arms (Ed. Note: someone on Facebook referred to them as marshmallow arms. I like that)! She’s just the sweetest. Also, don’t let her peaceful and serious expression fool you; this girl is FULL of personality and always has a smile on her face and a roar in her throat.

Celia and I made the kids some fake floral crowns but, since it was her first birthday and we love her so much, Violet got a real floral crown…which she enjoyed ripping off her head. It made for some adorable (Ed. Note: and slightly staged) pictures.

Violet LOVES food and she LOVES sweets. I won’t pretend this is her first bite of something sweet. As my daughter, she loves a good cookie and has had ice cream and muffins and such. However, she is also definitely Nick’s daughter and she likes to make satisfying eating noises while she eats. Nom nom nom (Ed. Note: that’s my girl :)). For a moment I thought this might have been her first bite of icing, but she totally had some at her cousin Callum’s first birthday not too long ago.

ANYWAY. She’s no smasher. Violet is quite delicate precise when she eats. She likes to pick up each and every bit of food that goes into her mouth and she NEVER smashes (unless she is trying to be funny. The things we do for laughs). She enjoyed the raspberry on the top of her cupcake and she liked the cake, but she liked the singing best of all. Oh, and the cookie afterward. She liked that a lot. She also love, love LOVES to roar, and all of her cousins sitting in front of her were roaring at her to get her to roar back. It was adorable (Ed. Note: And a bit reminiscent of, “Dawn of the Dead”).

Violet opened her presents as guests arrived at the party. That went well. She wasn’t really interested in any of her presents but she was interested in all of the people! Seriously. She’s a nut. Nick and I didn’t even get her any presents for her birthday because we figured she’s get enough from everyone else!

Well, it has been quite a year. I can’t believe that at this time last year I was yelling downstairs to my dad and Nick, “Ahh, my water just broke” (they were starting to create built-ins for my birthday). And then not too long after that (thank GOD for epidurals), Violet Marie was laying on my chest and stealing our hearts. We are so blessed to have such a sweet, funny, charismatic little girl in our lives and we are excited to watch her grow up!


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