Celebrating Wins!

Wins of late:

Finally got Violet to sleep in her own room and through the night! Hip, hip, hooray!! It only took a little over a year, but hey, it happened! This doesn’t mean, however, that I (Ed. Note: We) am (Ed. Note: are) sleeping through the night. Oh no! I wake up all night long wondering if she’s breathing (luckily, you can see her chest move on the monitor if you look long and hard enough), or maybe been kidnapped, or did she maybe throw up, possibly she has a fever??? (Ed. Note: notice the way our writer casually includes kidnapping in this this? That’s because, to Brige, kidnapping is as likely an occurrence as a fever or throwing up. A similar level of probability is applied to the chances of her being the one kidnapped)  One night, Nick had fallen sleep on the couch. I went to bed. At some point during the evening, he woke up and went to check on her at the same time that I happened to wake up and look at the monitor. Needless to say, the random pair of legs that showed up on my monitor got the adrenaline pumping and I was up for the rest of the night!

In her own room

We had to eventually go in and lay her down since she fell asleep sitting up.

Bought 2 large rugs for the house! One for the kitchen and one for the living room. They are so big and they didn’t break the bank (thanks overstock.com!). The living room rug is all rolled out and beautiful. Not the cushiest, comfiest thing in the world, but it just has to get us through Violet’s childhood. The other rug goes under the kitchen table. The only problem with that is the monster who eats dinner in the kitchen (Aren’t Brige’s pet names for me so sweet?). SOMEONE who lives here–and I’m not talking about Nick–loves to throw food on the floor. Finished with those berries? Well, the floor is starving! Don’t want that waffle slathered with peanut butter? The floor does! Want to hear a cool sound? Half-chewed chicken hitting a wood floor is pretty cool. Want to make a puddle? Throw the drink on the ground! Needless to say, we need to get past the, “thinking about mopping around the table,” phase and actually put those thoughts into action. Maybe the rug will be down by Christmas. (Ed. Note: I should buy a Swiffer.) (writer’s note: We have a swiffer. It’s in the closet. You should change your note to, “I should use the swiffer”)


Please note the rocking giraffe.

The garden is planted!!! Our first year with the garden was great! We (let’s be honest here and give credit where it’s due) (Ed. Note: All yours, dear!) I started all the plants indoors, grew those little seedlings like my life depended on it, planted them in our garden, and we reaped the benefits all summer long. And then Violet came along. Last summer was a total bust. I championed the seeds again, but we might have forgotten to water the plants once they were all in the garden…small thing really. This year we bought the actual plants. No seedlings here! We also bought some blueberry bushes, which I am so excited about!!! And a strawberry plant. Vi better love getting grubby little hands around some weeds! Fingers crossed that we remember (Ed. Note: Please see the penultimate sentence from the previous bullet. This little family needs to work on being more actionable.) to water them this year…


Baby jail for the best garden helper!

Cleaned the kitchen that one time! Seriously. The house was so beautiful in preparation for V’s birthday. Then the norovirus hit. Nothing was the same. It should be noted that Violet’s birthday is the beginning of April and it is now almost the end of May. Yep. Now if only the laundry would wash itself, Nick and I would be living easy!


This is how Violet cleans the kitchen.

Violet can crawl now! It only took 13 months, but she’s her mother’s daughter and extremely stubborn. She’s into the 3 legged crawl, which is good. It makes sure only one knee gets bruised from the floor. She also enjoys walking across furniture and riding on her rocking giraffe. Actually, she’s quite an amazing giraffe rider. She’s got the dismounting thing DOWN and she rides like the wind! Auntie Courtney is so impressed, I’m sure.

Processed with MOLDIV

Walkers for the young. Walkers for the old.

Nick built a sandbox! It’s pretty cool. We still needs some sand (Ed. Note: details. details.) but it’s totally built! He also put together a play set for Vi which she loves to slide down. And throw acorns down the slide… Actually, she likes to put acorns in her mouth, quick as a flash, and then smile at you because she KNOWS she isn’t allowed to do that. She’s quite a devil. I’m sure she’ll have a blast playing in the sand! Now, if I could only get Nick to build the swing set, then we could figure out where to put the sandbox and finally enjoy it!

Processed with MOLDIV

Yeah, I didn’t have a picture of the sandbox.

BIGGEST WIN YET: Nick officially graduated from grad school with a Master’s in Higher Education Administration!! It was so cool to go to a graduation with Vi and whisper in her ear, “That’s daddy! He’s graduating today!”  as she blew kisses and waved to him. A very surreal experience. We couldn’t be prouder of Nick for all his hard work! (Ed. Note: awww, Thanks! Our writer is beginning her own degree program this summer. Guess who’s looking forward to some additional editing work *raises two thumbs towards his chest while simultaneously shaking his head*).



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